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in Raleigh, NC

At Leesville Dental Studio, we take great pride in offering and accepting a myriad of payment options to help you achieve and maintain great oral health without having to sacrifice the health of your wallet. Our team will work one-on-one with you to design a personalized financial plan that fits within your budget. Don’t let your smile take a back seat due to cost concerns. We’re committed to helping you spend less and smile more!

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The Leesville Advantage Plan

Are you uninsured or feel like your insurance coverage is lacking? You’re not alone! Many people find it difficult to fit dental care into their budget. However, at Leesville Dental Studio, we strongly believe that every person should have access to high-quality dental care without breaking the bank. With the help of our patients, we have come up with the Leesville Advantage Plan. This plan is designed to treat, preserve, and maintain the foundation of your oral health. With the plan’s benefits, you’ll receive routine preventive care—cleanings, exams, and X-rays—at no extra cost. In addition, we also offer significant discounts on our other services for our Advantage Plan members. We believe that preventive dentistry is the building block for a healthy smile, and our team is ready and equipped to help you maintain great oral health for years to come!

Advantage Plan 1

For Adults
and Children

Advantage Plan 2

For Patients with
Periodontal Disease

2 Periodic Exams with Necessary X-Rays
4 Periodontal Maintenance Procedures
10% Off All Dental Treatments
10% Off Treatment if Using CareCredit® or LendingClub®
Adult: $199/Yr
Adult: $397/Yr
Child: $173/Yr (Ages 13 & Under)

Third-Party Financing

Unable to pay for your entire treatment cost up front?

That’s okay! Third-party financing is a great option for managing your dental expenses.


With CareCredit, you’ll receive a credit card for your healthcare expenses. After your treatment, you use the card to cover the cost and choose a repayment plan with them. CareCredit offers a variety of repayment periods with little to no interest for you to choose from. It allows you to split your out-of-pocket costs into smaller, more manageable monthly payments. Apply online and receive a credit decision within minutes!

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LendingClub is a personal loan provider that can lend you the money for your dental care expenses. It is a great solution for covering unexpected expenses. You can apply online in minutes and get the money deposited into your bank account within a few days. Through LendingClub, you can choose a repayment plan and make fixed monthly payments on your loan. Visit their website to learn more and apply!

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Dental Insurance

We are in-network with a variety of insurance providers. Our knowledgeable team will track, file, and update your claims for you so that you don’t have to stress about dealing with insurance. Our goal is to maximize your benefits and minimize your out-of-pocket costs. Please call our office to see if we’re in-network with your provider!

Save Big on Your Dental Care

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