Emergency Tooth Pain

Look at the lower left side. One tooth is laying down.  This wisdom tooth has caused irreversible tooth decay on the second molar.      Extracted these non-restorable teeth with “NO Sedation, NO Narcotics” Sterile Surgical procedures at Leesville Dental Studio.  Come experience the difference.      

Zoom Whitening

 What’s up Raleigh!!!!  There has always been a lot of buzz about Tooth Whitening.  Its quite popular for many reason. In this piece I will talk about the pros and cons of teeth whitening.      Public Perception:  Whiter teeth makes you standout, and more confident.  There is no right or wrong answer here. What … Continued

Cosmetic Dentistry For Function Versus Esthetics

 The benefits of enhancing a smile could be minimal to life changing.  In this blog I will explain the difference between functional cosmetic cases versus esthetic cosmetic cases.       This patient tried an implant in the missing space and it failed.  Implants are not a slam dunk treatment option for every case.   … Continued

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